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Ugo Carmeni Studio is a centre for photographic research and a hub for cultural activities linked to photographic creation.


A space of creativity, research and discovery which creates professional photography and cultural activities linked to photographic creation, giving importance to every aspect of this creation. It is also a centre which connects professionals, amateurs and curious people who can enjoy the wide range of services offered by the studio: a library, photographic shooting, conference & workshop.


The Studio is located in a suggestive and unique area in Giudecca, on the edge of Venice, but where the authentic spirit of the floating city still manages to survive. We aim to create a new urban fabric made of coworking, cultural and business activities, along with the dockyard activities of "Consorzio Venezia Sviluppo".


In order to accomplish all our goals, we give a lot of importance to the quality of our photographic instruments so we use highest quality instrumentation. Every aspect of the studio is designed in connection with others, from the lights that illuminate the space to the process of color profiling in which the color management is controlled throughout the process, from acquisition to printing. 

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