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06 - 16 April 2014

MA-EC Gallery, Milano

Via Lupetta, 3


Curated by Flavia Motolese


Ugo Carmeni, Perception 01, Perception 02, Green (Perception 03), Perception 04, 2010-14

Photographs shot in Milan (1), Padua (2), Venice (3, 4), 2010-14

Edited in Venice, 2010-2014

Edition of 5 + 2AP

4 photographic works:

  • PERCEPTIONS 01 145x95 cm

  • PERCEPTIONS 02 110x70 cm

  • PERCEPTIONS 03 105x70 cm

  • PERCEPTIONS 04 110x70 cm

Printed in giclée, completed with a handmade wax finish and mounted on aluminium compound panels and wooden spacer frames.

As particles crossing paths and connecting, the spaces and times of our everyday life take shape inside us and become events, subjective perceptions, osmotic relationships between what is in the world and what exists in relation to our body, to our gaze. The series Percettive, by Ugo Carmeni, investigates this process. The images, which the author looks after through every stage of the creative process, from capture to print finishing, represent possibilities of vision, stages of a personal journey on the boundary between the self and the other by itself. Ugo invites us to place ourselves in the intimate gap between what he sees and what he feels: a suspended space, a mental time, an almost unconscious vision.

So close to the image, the colour stains our gaze. The lines do not pierce the depth, but turn it upside down upon the surface, in an “iconic” reversal that has nothing to do with the divine, but with the sense and awareness of existence.

Valeria Finocchi

installation view - MA-EC Gallery, Milano, 201

Installation view - MA-EC Gallery, Milano, 2014

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