06 May - 09 August, 2015


Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, 2909

Curated by Živa Kraus

Text by Matteo Gardonio Ducrocq


Ugo Carmeni, Ugo Carmeni flood, 2015

Photographs shot in Milan (1), Venice (2, 3, 7), Parma (4, 5), Padua (6), 2010-2014

Edited in Venice, 2015

Edition of 5 + 2AP (exhibition format)

Edition of 5 + 2AP (34x44 cm format)


7 photographs - fine art paper, aluminium panel, beeswax - various size - edition of 5

The accuracy of the eye and the colors in the impression of the artifact,

namely photography, inevitably of the present

where light marks the future.

Živa Kraus

The interest in the relationship between space and time is at the heart of his research. Sometimes Carmeni chooses his colors on the basis of literary inputs; the green of Garcia Lorca, or the intuitions of the writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll. Thus, Carmeni is an architect, a researcher, a photographer, and an experimenter. But he is also a cartographer – in the true sense of the word, as testified by his in-depth analyses of geographic maps – when working on a snapshot and selecting what to highlight and what to blur in order to outline what we can call a new "photographic geography".

Matteo Gardonio Ducrocq

Ikona Photo Gallery - C'est la première galerie, a Venise, qui s'est tournée vers la photographie.

Sa fondatrice, Ziva Kraus, présente depuis 1979 des expositions de William Klein, Jhon Batho, Berenice Abbott, Helmut Newton ou Robert Doisneau.

Cet été, l'espace est dédié a l'expérimentation d'un artiste italien des plus intéressants, Ugo Carmeni.

Alessandra Mauro in “Polka magazine”, n. 30, Paris, 2015

Installation view - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - the tryptich BLUE, GREEN, RED - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - the key - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

The key - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Installation view - particular of the surface with beeswax - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015

Set-up - IKONA VENEZIA, 2015 (photo: Ilaria Micaglio)

Poster of the exhibition

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