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The Stones of Venice

Multimedia site-specific installation

in occasion of the Venice Art Night

22 June 2019

Official event Venice Art Night 2019

Ex Cantiere Lucchese, Isola della Giudecca

Critical text: Chiara Marin

A special thanks to Giulia Busnengo

Video detail:

Ugo Carmeni, 2019

Shot and edited in Venice, 2019

Sound designer: Alessandro Gambato

Video editor: Francesca Granata

When we build, let us think that we build forever.

John Ruskin

The place seems a fantastic vision at the best, from which the world must at last awake some morning, and find that after all it has only been dreaming, and that there never was any such city.

William Dean Howells

The Stones of Venice - Video-photographic installation, ArtNight Venice, 2019

Installation view - Stones of Venice, Giudecca, 2019

General view of the show - The Stones of Venice, Giudecca, 2019

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