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Video-photographic installation

23 June 2018, h 18.00 - 24.00

Official event ArtNight Venezia, 2018

20 -27 March Garance & Marion gallery, Venezia, 2022

On the occasion of the exhibition Impression de Venise


Ugo Carmeni, Dis-continuity, 2018

Shot in Conegliano (n. 1) and Venice (n. 2, n. 3), 2017

Edited in Venice, 2018

Edition of 7 + 2 A.P.

A research on the continuity and rifts between the dimensions of space and time.

The triptych offers three points of view, from photography to video, as if in a process of transportation in balance between conscious and subconscious.

The horizontal dividing line that articulates the space of the three points of view follows the physical marks of the wall on which it is hanging, again in a relationship of continuity between representation and reality.


Boats dancing on the lagoon in a floating and secular world, accompanied by the to and fro of ghosts rather than humans. Waters rising in a kind of Area 51 in flames. And yet, these floating and “alien” elements are anchored to the ground with the clear and decipherable marks and weight of a life that moves on. This aspect is crucial: the hypothesis of constant and fluctuating nomadism is counterbalanced by Carmeni’s confident footsteps.

Then there are some of Carmeni’s peculiar themes: space-time, now masterfully woven between interchangeable pasts and futures; the idea of being able to catch an interpretive key, but in a mysterious and therefore ineffable sense.

Matteo Gardonio Ducrocq

Dis-continuity - installation view, artnight Venice, 2018


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