Short film shot and directed by Ugo Carmeni

Runtime: 6' 31''

Premiered during the Giornate degli Autori at Isola Edipo, collateral event of the 77th Venice International Film Festival

Produced by CM Art Productions / UC Studio

Executive Producer: Chiara Marin

Edited by Francesco Lughi

Sound design by Alessandro Gambato

The “intervallo” in the Rai schedule was an empty space between one transmission and another filled with music and images.

Inter-vàllum, from the Latin inter “between” and vàllus “pole”, from which vàllum palisade, describes the empty space between one and the other pole; (by extension) space between two terms of time or place.

This work alludes both to the physical nature of Venice, whose foundations were built thanks to palisades and then also the gaps between them, and the liquid Venice, where the border between the real city and the perceived city is permeable, as if this aqueous dimension overflows from one side to the other without making either part of the city defined.

Although the city without people might appear dead at first and quick glance, this dimension had something redeeming. The wave motion had disappeared, as there was no longer the activity of man and boats and the lagoon which in the absence of waves had returned to being a mirror. A second reflected image where it was finally possible to perceive all its most sincere and profound essence.

This is the vision of a city, Venice, wich, thanks to lockdown period of March 2020, could reveal and unveal itself in an unprecedented way. Here the real city (of architecture, water, sounds and reflections) and its memory mix and confuse into a single idea of Venice.

Ugo Carmeni and Chiara Marin




INTERVALLO - 6'31'', 2020

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