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Ugo Carmeni, NOWISEEBEESIWON, Venice, 2023

Shot in Venice (2023), edited in Venice (2023)

Edition of 150, 10,8 cm x 4,8 cm x 16,6 cm


The cover of the box is created using print proofs from the Ugo Carmeni - Venice Mapping Time catalogue, ensuring that each box is unique. Inside, a black fine corrugated board protects the book (12.8 cm x 10.8 cm x 4.2 cm), which is signed and numbered on the cover. The leporello book contains 25 photographs from the NOWISEEBEESIWON series, printed on double-weight matte paper with Ultra Chrome HDR Epson inks.

The logo on the cover was designed by Marco Ferracuti.

The book is signed and numerated by the Artist.

The entire process of production is made in the author’s studio.

As a parallel project to the photography exhibition, 'Ugo Carmeni - Venice Mapping Time' (Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice, July 5th - November 26th, 2023), a collaboration emerged with the artist Michele Bubacco. The Venetian painter contributed his artistic variations by painting on posters from Ugo Carmeni’s exhibition, which were affixed to the city walls. This action took place at the crack of dawn on a Sunday in August and, in a subsequent session, at the end of November.

All the 'variations on the theme' were captured in photographs by Ugo Carmeni and printed in this book.

This entire project was named NOW I SEE BEES I WON, a palindrome title highlighting the back-and-forth movement between mediums: photography, advertising graphics, and painting. A detail extracted from one of Carmeni’s photographs becomes a poster advertisement affixed to the city walls; painting is then applied to this support. The resulting artwork is then photographed and printed.


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