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TheMerode Art Salon

January 22dn - March 8th 2024

TheMerode, Brussels

Exhibitions curated by Daniela Ferretti in occasion of BRAFA ART FAIR 2024

with works by Maurizio Donzelli and Ugo Carmeni


Photographs from the series Ugo Carmeni. Venice Mapping Time, 2023

Shot in Venice, 2020 - 2023

Edited in Venice, 2023

Edition of 5 + 2AP

16 photographic works:

  • nr. 2 100 x 150 cm

  • nr. 7 100x133 cm

  • nr. 3 133 x 100 cm

  • nr. 4 30 x 40 cm

Printed in giclée, completed with a handmade wax finish and mounted on aluminium compound panels and wooden spacer frames.

At the occasion of TheMerode Art Salon, the Italian curator Daniela Ferretti will unfold the works of Ugo Carmeni and Maurizio Donzelli respectively working on photography and textiles. On top of their nationality, Daniela Ferretti and the two artists have in common their roots as they all studied architecture before turning to the arts.

Ugo Carmeni’s works look at Venice through the interpretive key of “mapping time”: the passing of time that changes the surfaces as it flows over them, but also the time of perception of the sculptures, architectures and colours of the lagoon city by those who experience it. 


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