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5 July - 26 November 2023

Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice

Curated by Daniela Ferretti with Dario Dalla Lana

Promoted by the Veneto Regional Museum Directorate and the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and Lagoon

Under the patronage of the Patriarchate of Venice


1. Photography

Ugo Carmeni, Venice Mapping Time, 2023

Shot in Venice, 2020 - 2023

Edited in Venice, 2023

Edition of 5 + 2AP

67 photographic works:

  • nr. 7 100 x 150 cm

  • nr. 16 100x133 cm

  • nr. 4 133 x 100 cm

  • nr. 32 30 x 40 cm

  • nr. 8 28 x 42 cm

Printed in giclée, completed with a handmade wax finish and mounted on aluminium compound panels and wooden spacer frames.

2. Sound and moving-image installation

Ugo Carmeni, Venice Mapping Time, 2023

Sound design: Alessandro Gambato

Coding: Federico Poni

In the spirit of Ruskin, [Carmeni] has climbed the many restoration scaffoldings on the facades of Venetian churches and palazzos – observing, noting, analysing, mapping, and photographing before finally selecting, among the many pictures, the ones that compose his highly personal narrative. A dream-like pilgrimage scattered with traps and prodigies, wonders and nightmares, corroded and smooth surfaces, vertiginous and hyperbolic architectural views, uncanny and enticing allegorical personifications, extraordinary lapidaria and bestiaries. Through mind-opening details, Carmeni unfolds in front of our eyes an unexpected polyphony of semantic symbols that invites us to pay closer attention and explore a ‘middle world’.

Daniela Ferretti, curator




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